I have known Adarsh Kumar Hari for many years. It was during this period when we both served with the Houston independent School District, Texas that we developed a close aftinity. Besides his friendship, I discerned that Adarsh was genuinely interested in the field of education. Adarsh’s travels, from his birthplace at Uitvlugt, West Coast Demerara, to the Corentyne, Berbice then to Minnesota in the United States and later to Houston, Texas and finally to San Antonio, Texas where he retired as a successful commercial real estate agent, revealed to us an intriguing itinerary. At these diverse locations, he engaged in educational pursuits. Adarsh’s journeys and activities exemplify the spirit of entrepreneurship and alrtruism.

In Corentyne Berbice, Adarsh was a member of the trio, Rudra Nath and Udai Panday being the other two that founded the Rose Hall high school which later megged with the Corentyne Comprehensive high school. At these institutions, Adarsh experienced the fulfillment of his childhood dreams-the academic success of disadvantaged students of the localhy during his ten-year tenure there. Adarsh’s years of exemplary service came to fruition when he witnessed at first hand the advancement of his students in various fields of endeavor and their contribution to their respective, communities. I applaud Adarsh for revealing his sojourns and experiences to us. Apart from his. own academic achievement he was awarded both the Bachelor’ and Master’s degrees from the University of Winona, Minnesota.

He must be complimented for performing one of his greatest acts of charity by sharing his wealth, knowledge and wisdom with his fellowmen.  Adarsh continues to support the education of students in his native country as well as in the United States.

-Krishna Singh –  M.ed. (Ed. Psy.); BSc. Econ.) Hons.

Adarsh Kumar Hari, a native of Guyana South America, now lives in the USA since 1970. After a period of 50 years, he finally returns to capture the extraordinary saga of the two high schools he taught at for 10 years – institutions that were separate, with each having an unforgettable story of its own, yet entirely different. These two schools are finally merged together in a strange way and they became one – integrated progressive and outstandingly successful.

In this memorable book, Adarsh chronicles the unique history of these schools as they unfolded. He shows how the children (boys and girls) got an opportunity of a lifetime in achieving an education that they would never have acquired, then, they went on to become even more successful in the pursuits of careers and other opportunities that they never would have dreamed possible.

Adarsh is able to bring to light a perspective to the cherished legacy that enshrined the history of these schools. Within these pages, it is truly remarkable to behold that given the opportunities for success and the guiding hand of support and encouragement lives are changed and legacies are born.

Adarsh, Sunny to his friends and family was born May 5, 1940 in Guyana.  Loved by his mother he called Finey.  Sunny knew at an early age that education would be the ticket to a successful future.  He started reading and studying every chance he had.  Soon after a while he received a scholarship to go to school.

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